Our Growth

In RINTEX our MISSION is to be the leading manufacturer of t-shirts for export, with the VISION to develop a complete production process, ranging from weaving to finished product delivery and thus provide a more efficient supply chain to the client.

Thanks to the VALUES ​​set in the workplace, we have allowed ourselves to have a great growth.

Today RINTEX has a floor area of 30.000 m2 and 15.000 m2 free for possible Growth

Process Quality

RINTEX is a company designed in more than 45,000 m2 of land with 11 existing industrial buildings for production, this has enabled us develop vertical integration to cover all parts of the production process and guarantee quality.

As exporters of t-shirts, we comply with international quality standards.

Ecological Commitement

Fulfilling the requirements of renowned international brands, we have been involved with environmental projects for water treatment, hazardous waste management and hazardous waste disposal companies that are certified and 100% Mexican. In addition to this we are committed to sustainable development plans to reduce energy consumption, electricity and water.

Our Customers

Thanks to our 800 employees and infrastructure located in a single establishment, we have been able to offer products manufactured in the best interest for our customers.

Armed with specialists in each area and maintaining a monitoring and control system, we have to continuously improve the process and keep the customer´s satisfaction and confidence our number one priority.

Rintex Family

In RINTEX we conserve our traditions and encourage the sport to create an atmosphere of teamwork. We also promote the development of local communities under the following programs:

  • Kids Plus Foundation farms (Abused & Neglected kids shelter)
  • CHALLENGE Morelos Group (Cancer Foundation)
  • ACREC Group (Vision Services)
  • County Offices
  • Churches
  • Police Department
  • Youth Sports Association